Jackson Welding Helmet Review

In the welding industry, among all the tools that you should invest, a protective gear must come into priority. Well, there's a lot of things that I can think of. But for now, I will recommend that you get a decent welding helmet and I love Jackson Safety Brand. 

The company is among the key players in the industry because the helmets they produce are ideal for harsh applications. I have around two to three Jackson variable darkening helmets in my shop. I always treasure them because of their innate rigidity and ergonomics. 

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Top 4 Jackson Safety Welding Helmets

The Jackson HaloX 46100 is one of the most solid options that you can have for a darkening helmet. It embodies the goal of the manufacturer to provide safety and convenience to the welder. It is personal protective equipment that you can rely on, thanks to its durability, ruggedness, and ergonomics. Nobody can simply downplay the quality of this welding helmet because this one goes off the chart.

Despite its rugged appearance, the entire welding helmet is not that heavy. It has a total height of around 8 inches, but its weight is only 2 pounds. That's slightly lighter compared to other conventional welding helmets. Maneuvering and handling this particular helmet won't be that difficult to such feature.

Of course, your safety will always be preserved with the Jackson Safety HaloX 46100. The exterior part is crafted from industrial-grade nylon, which is capable of fending off sparks and heat rays that are produced during the welding process. The material can resist high temperatures, which is a must for a variety of welding applications. The exterior is lavished with awesome graphics so that your welding adventures wouldn't be so dull.

Having this gear in my shop boosted my performance. It simply enabled me to work for extended periods on extensive welding projects. It is extremely protective. Furthermore, I really like the goldwing graphics that it has. 


  • Impressive exterior graphics
  • Provides enhanced resistance against heat
  • Can protect your eyes from being damaged by extreme brightness
  • check
    Durable and rugged construction
  • check
    Lightweight and easy to maneuver


  • No noticeable drawbacks

2. Jackson Safety BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Balder Technology (37191)

Another Jackson Safety product that I want to share with you is the Jackson Safety BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet. Trust me. This unit is one of the most exceptional auto-darkening welding helmets that are commercially available today. For instance, the auto-darkening filter (ADF) lens has surpassed the EN379 ratings. Therefore, you can ensure that with this helmet, you can really do your things in your shop.

The ADF lens of this helmet provides exceptional optical clarity. Even if there is a screen between your eyes and the natural environment, your field vision will never be blurred or darkened. As far as I have experienced, this unit offers a solid defence against the extreme brightness. It will somehow nullify or diffuse excessive light. Aside from this, it is also capable of seeing through a variety of angular conditions and luminous transmittance. 

This specific auto darkening helmet from Jackson Safety has ADF that comes with a variable shade rating of 9 to 13. Take note that this is an essential feature, as it is the one that determines the safety of your eyes from immense radiation. It can efficiently handle arc welding, TIG welding, and MIG welding.

Aside from these features, the Jackson Safety BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet comes with ergonomic features such as delay and sensitivity settings. These components will allow you to operate in different settings and degree of tasks.


  • Features a highly dense shell for maximum durability and ruggedness
  • Capable of protecting your face and neck from and sparks
  • Curved design on the front cover for efficient heat reduction
  • Can operate on different settings and tasks
  • Provides sufficient protection against heat and brightness


  • The locking mechanism may require improvements
  • The controls should be accessible outside

3. Jackson Safety 46131 Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, HaloX

I particularly like this Jackson Safety welding helmet because of its given affordability. Well, I am not saying that the first two welding helmets that I have featured here are expensive. But if you compare them to the Jackson Safety 46131, the latter is clearly friendlier to the pocket. But regardless of that, there's a lot of things that you can expect from these helmets, especially to the Jackson Safety 46131.

This auto-darkening welding helmet features an ADF lens that met the safety standards of the industry. You will never have to worry about the safety of your eyes and face here because this gear can provide full protection. Wearing this helmet is not obtrusive as other helmets that I have used before. It has a wide viewing platform so that you can see all the details of your work. 

Just like the first Jackson Safety welding helmets that I have featured, this one comes with delay and sensitivity configurations. There are also automatic dimming sensors installed on the helmet to ensure that you can work progressively and continuously. I have taken advantage of the said feature whenever I am working with different welding tasks. Extreme light and sparks didn't bother me anymore.

Even if the helmet has an entry-level price tag, it still offers ergonomic features. Such of these are the digital controls that the helmet has. Different weld and grind modes are also integrated on the system of the Jackson Safety 46131 to improve its overall versatility.


  • Features full digital controls
  • Comes with four auto dimming settings
  • Wide-viewing angle for safer welding operations
  • Can be used in different types of welding
  • Compatible with a variety of Jackson Safety shells


  • It is a small welding helmet
  • It is floppy, but I can guarantee that it is still durable

4. Jackson Safety Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, HaloX (46130)

With its exterior graphics, I can always say that this welding helmet is way too hot and sexy. It has a fitting design for men and women who are in the business of welding because of its wild visual statement. But aside from its fancy aesthetics, the Jackson Safety HaloX 46130 provides optimal performance to its users. Welders will have a smooth time in the shop with this amenity on board.

The viewing area of this welding helmet has a dimension of 3.93 inches x 2.36 inches. That's more than enough for you to see your working field. It will never cause any obstructions and visual interference because of its unique variable shade technology. Auto-dimming features and sensitivity and delay configurations are all present in this item. It is indeed an opus of Jackson Safety. 

There are a variety of weld and grind modes that were integrated on this welding helmet. You can use these components to tackle a variety of welding applications, which includes arc and TIG welding. The value of this welding helmet is further proven by its digital controls. They will allow you to control the configurations of the gear without any fuss.

Another thing that I love about this welding mask is its full compliance with the industry's standards. As a welder, I always make sure that my tools and equipment are made with quality. Specifically, the Jackson Safety HaloX 46130 is CSA compliant and has complied with the standards of the ANSI Z87.1+.


  • Great aesthetics
  • Offers full digital controls
  • Automatic dimming feature for a hassle-free operation
  • Compliant with various standards in the industry
  • Protective and rugged construction


  • No noticeable drawbacks

Features of Jackson Safety Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Just like what I have mentioned earlier, wearing a good welding helmet is necessary for a smooth and safe operation. It is a non-negotiable fact, considering that the security of your face and upper body are at risk here. The extreme brightness produced in the weld--which is accompanied by numerous and sparks--are among the problems that welders face.

I have known several welders who suffered ill due to these work-related elements. Several years ago, I was put in the same kind of jeopardy when I practiced some arc welding techniques while wearing minimal protective gears. Of course, it was slightly traumatic on my part. It also taught me a lesson that I should never belittle things just because I feel that I am an expert welder already.

There is a variety of welding equipment that a welder should invest. However, the most obvious and necessary is a welding helmet. The products that I featured a while ago are some of the top options that you have for this amenity. All of them are manufactured by Jackson Safety, which somehow provides relief to various welders.

You see, Jackson Safety is not just a run-in-the-mill welding helmet brand. It simply goes beyond that. It is among the finest manufacturers a variety of welding equipment in the market today, Many welders--including me--trust Jackson Safety. The construction quality and ergonomics of their helmets are truly superb.

Here are some of the things that welders like about Jackson Safety auto-darkening welding helmets:

Visual Clarity

Welding requires keen eyes. When welding, it is important that you have a clear view of your working area. It is very dangerous if your field of vision is obstructed. That could pose a serious harm to you.

One of the biggest problems of ordinary welding helmets pose is their inability to provide clear visuals. The optical clarity of their screens is not that great. Meanwhile, the Jackson Safety offers the Balder Technology. It enables their screen to be protective and at the same time, clear.

Specifically, the shade range of the Jackson Safety Helmets ranges from 9 to 13. These ratings are enough to give your ample visibility while you are welding. The said technology also prevents your eyes from getting hurt.

Protective Features

Right from the start, the auto-darkening welding helmets of Jackson Safety are built to ensure the welfare of their users. Each of the helmets that are produced by this manufacturer has rugged construction. They can defend your face, ears, and other sensitive parts of your head from extreme heat and other hot metallic residues.

The Jackson Safety welding helmets have a variety of sensitivity and delay settings. These two features improve the capability of the helmets to automatically adjust itself in various working environments. In this way, your eyes will never be overwhelmed by the tasks that you are working.

Overall, Jackson Safety helmets can protect the exposed parts of your body against the scattering residues and radiating energy. It is among the features that made me prefer this brand over the others.


Let me be quick on this one. I have to emphasize that all of the Jackson Safety helmets can fit a variety of users. Regardless of your build, you can guarantee that there is a Jackson welding helmet that can suit you. If you want an exceptionally ergonomic headgear for welding, you might need to invest on Jackson helmets.

Auto Darkening Feature

For industrial applications, it is really necessary that the helmet has an auto-darkening feature. Typically, this one refers to the lens of the helmet. Specifically, the Jackson Safety helmets have auto-darkening filters. They are the ones that can satisfy the EN 379 standards for optical and visual clarity.

Standard Compliance

Of course, the very reason why Jackson Safety welding helmets are great is due to their high-quality construction. When I say high-quality, I am not just relying on my personal preferences and bias. Instead, I am referring to its compliance with various quality standards. Specifically, the helmets have passed that International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) and American National Standard Institute (ANSI).

Other Jackson Safety Accessories

Jackson Safety Clear Plates

1. Jackson Safety Welding Helmet Safety Replacement Plate (16073)

This plate has been made to be compatible with various welding helmets that are made by Jackson Safety. It has a rugged construction and provides the same ergonomic design as default plates that are installed on Jackson Safety helmets. With this accessory around, you can prevent damages that can be sustained by the filters and lenses.

2. Jackson Safety SmarTIGer External Safety Plate

If you want to put extra care on the Jackson Safety helmets, you must invest in high-quality replacement plates. One of the best options that you have is the Jackson Safety SmarTIGer External Safety Plate. This one is compatible with all of the welding helmets that are produced by the manufacturer. The plate is very clear and can be placed on the exterior of the ADF lens. In this way, sparks and debris won't cause serious damages. 

3. Jackson Safety Plate Lens Kit (22606) for NEXGEN 3-in-1 ADF Welding Helmet

This one is particularly designed for the NEXGEN 3-in-1 ADF Welding Helmets. The lens kit comes with at two rear safety plates and another five front safety plates. Each of the plates offers a variable shade of 9-13 for maximum visibility. It can also support the clarity of the weld puddle that is using the amber lens. You can use the plates for a variety of welding applications. 

Jackson Safety Hard Hat Adapter

Hard Hat Welding Helmet Adapter Kit

To complete your setup, it is essential that you have a good helmet adapter kit. If you have Jackson Safety welding helmet, their Hard Hat Welding Helmet Adapter Kit would certainly benefit you. This particular kit has a rugged construction. But at the same time, it is flexible enough to accommodate various needs and applications. You can guarantee that it will last longer.

Jackson Safety Replacement Headgear

1. Jackson Safety 370 Replacement Headgear (20696)

The Jackson Safety 370 Replacement Headgear is an exceptional option for a replacement headgear. I have owned several units of this item, and by far, I can't see any discrepancies or downsides. This one features an adjustable ratchet suspension so that it can fit multiple models of Jackson safety helmets. It also features a three-position slider that enables welders to adjust the distance between the lens of the helmet to your eyes.

2. Jackson Safety 14556 Welding Helmet Headgear

Another replacement headgear that you can get from Jackson Safety is the 14556 Welding Helmet Headgear. This particular unit features a fully rugged design and construction so that it won't break easily. The teeth of the headgear can disengage automatically throughout the adjustment process. The latter ensures that this one can fit your helmet without any problems. Meanwhile, the sweatband is crafted from air-cushioned cloth for maximum comfort.

Jackson Safety Filter Len Shade

1. Jackson Safety Welding 427 Polycarbonate Filter Lens

You should not worry a thing if the filter lens of your Jackson welding helmet has worn out already. Jackson Safety has ensured that you can have them again without the need to invest in another helmet. They offer replacement filters, which can greatly benefit the practicality and efficiency of your operation. One of the top options that you have for a filter lens replacement is the Jackson Safety Welding 427 Polycarbonate Filter Lens. It has the same qualities as the factory-installed filter lenses on auto-darkening welding helmets.

Jackson Welding Helmet Accessories

1. Jackson Safety Welding Helmet Parts Kit for HSL-100 & HaloX

You can always extend the overall lifespan of your welding helmet through the procurement of replacement parts. If you have HaloX and HSL-100 Jackson Safety welding helmets, you can always get this kit. The package comes with various replacement components that have passed the ANSI Z89.1 compliance. Specifically, it comes with a safety plate and filter that can protect your eyes from dangerous elements while doing your job.

2. Jackson Safety Brand NEXGEN Retainer Lens

Welders should also consider getting the JAK15977. This is a retainer lens clip that provides an additional layer of protection between your eyes and the task that you are working. It functions by holding the lends firmly and snugly. It is easy to install and has a durable construction to boast. However, always remember that this helmet is made for HSL-100 welding helmets of Jackson.

3. Jackson NexGen Battery Doors (Pair) 0745-0075

As a welder, you should take care of all your equipment and accessories. Even components that are small as battery doors for the helmet must be secured at all cost. Otherwise, the speed and efficiency of your operation will be deterred. If the battery door of your Jackson helmet has been compromised already, it is time that you replace it with this replacement package. The Jackson Nexgen Battery Doors (Pair) 0745-0075 is compatible with various battery doors, as long as it has been designed by Jackson itself.

4. Jackson Safety NexGen Replacement Batteries (15984)

Of course, batteries are important parts in the overall operation of an auto darkening welding helmet. The device will not run if you haven't installed the batteries properly, or if the batteries are insufficient in the count. If you need a reliable option for welding helmets batteries, you should try the Jackson Safety NexGen Replacement Batteries (15984). It features an extended lifespan and capability to operate the helmet for an extended period.

5. Jackson Safety Brand Welding Helmet Carry Bag

I always have a carry bag for my welding helmet. After all, I don't usually stay in my shop because there are some outsourced jobs that I have to attend. Of course, carrying the helmet would become a problem if there's no appropriate storage system for it. Thankfully, Jackson Safety was able to come up with a bag that can contain the helmet safely. This particular carry bag has a denier fabric and nylon construction. It is durable and ergonomic, too.

6. Jackson Safety Welding Helmet Parts Kit for HSL-2

For those people that own the HSL-2 Jackson Safety Welding Helmets, it is quite appropriate if you will invest in this package. Specifically, this particular kit offers all the essential components for Jackson helmets. It comes with the filter lens, locking mechanism, and other essential parts for your helmet. And since it has an inexpensive price range, anyone can just get it.

7. Jackson Safety Welding Helmet Parts Kit for 930P & 430P

This particular welding helmet from Jackson Safety can complete the setup of 940P and 430P welding helmets. Aside from being rugged, you can ensure that the parts are durable and sturdy enough for welding applications. They are easy to install and mounting them in your helmet is not a difficult process.

8. Jackson Safety Welding Helmet Parts Kit for 951P

Investing in Jackson Safety Welding Helmet Parts Kit for 951P will never be a bad idea. The parts inside this kit are fairly durable and rugged. It is complete with all the important amenities, which include screen filters and other mounting systems. Having this kit will fully bolster your performance, especially if you are planning to abuse the helmet from extensive orders and deadlines.

9. Jackson Safety Welding Helmet Parts Kit for HSL-1

The last but not the least on this list is the Jackson Safety Welding Helmet Parts Kit for HSL-1. Just like the other helmets kits, this particular product has an impressive construction. Each of the parts has been graced with insane durability so that they won't break even in extended activities in your garage or shops.


That's it for now. As a welder, I can recommend a variety of brands that are related to welding tools and accessories. However, among them, it is the Jackson Safety that I respect the most, especially when it comes to their helmets. Since they are a US-based company, you can ensure that they have been built with rigidity and durability.

For intelligent consumers, they probably realized that opting for Jackson Safety is the proper decision. The gears and helmets offer have enough flexibility and sturdiness to withstand the punishment of your workplace. Furthermore, it is notable that the aesthetics and ergonomics of these helmets are impressive as well. You can ensure that they are not comparable to the conventional welding helmets that you can get today.

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