About Us

Hello. I am David Brain and welcome to WeldingRodeoAZ.

I have been into the building business for more than three decades already. I have worked with various companies and startups, which have improved my skill as a welder.

Throughout my stint as a professional welder, I have realized that success in this industry is dependent on two things: skills and gears.

When it comes to skill, a welder has no excuse. If you are working for a client, you have to ensure that you can deliver what they want. They are paying you, after all. Therefore, you got to have the skills to accomplish your list of tasks.

Of course, I cannot say that I am perfect. I had instances where I commit flaws in my job. But that’s completely okay. As long as you don’t do them continuously, the mistakes you do will create a room for your growth. In fact, I am what I am right now because of my love-hate relationship to my mishaps in my workshop.

I continued to hone my skills. I went to several training sessions and classes to optimize my technical expertise in this field. It was not really easy, considering that I had to go to some far places and leave my family for several months. But that did pay off.

I just don’t build things. With my prowess as a welder, I was also able to build a happy family.

The second thing that you have to understand is the importance of gears.

You cannot weld if you don’t have the right arsenals in your garage or shop. They are the ones that make things possible. I can assure you that your skills would be useless if your tools can’t catch up to them.

I studied various welding gears and dissect their designs and schematics. I had spent a lot of time studying how they work and how you can further elevate their performance. Furthermore, I also made myself familiar with the top brands and manufacturers of different welding amenities. It is a simple approach that simplifies my selection process whenever I am shopping for new welding helmets, gloves, and other fundamental items.

The reason why I created this site is for you to find the right welding gears. Whether you see welding as a hobby or occupation, you will still agree on the fact that this one is not an easy thing to do. If you have a bad and flimsy armory, you should not expect that you can achieve something.

I owe my success in this field to these gears. Without them, I would not have accomplished various life-changing projects and opportunities. I want to share them to you so that along the way, you will find welding fun and functional.

That’s my short story. I hope you will enjoy your stay here!